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Reduce repetitive questions

  • Let employees find answers to their questions without having to wait on others.

Let employees self-serve their questions

  • Save time and reduce the burden on team leads by letting employees find answers to their questions without having to wait on others.

See what's on your employees' minds

  • Get a pulse on what's on everyone's mind and identify knowledge gaps using AskJack's question metrics.

Explore how AskJack works

AskJack is built for more than helping your teams answer their questions. It's built to help you scale your HR team and provide better support to your employees.

AI-powered assistant

A better workflow

AskJack is built to help your employees answer questions faster and more accurately. With AskJack, you can provide better support to your employees and scale your teams.

Everyone saves time.
No matter when an employee has a question they have an answer. Let employees self-serve their everyday questions with AskJack.
Question escalation.
When the answer isn't enough AskJack will notify you of the employee question (coming soon).
AskJack in Slack
AskJack in Slack


Gain a deeper understanding

AskJack provides you with insights into the questions your employees are asking. With these insights, you can better understand your employees' needs and provide better support.

Question Analytics.
See what's on people's minds and supervise your AI assistant with question analytics.
Documentation Gaps.
See where your current documents and data resources don't answer your employees questions (coming soon).

Document Repository

Your Knowledge Library

AskJack tracks the documents you add to it in your document library. We use these documents to provide the most accurate answers to your employees' questions.

Upload Documents.
Manage your documents in one place. Quickly see what type of questions a document can answer.
Document Recommendations.
Based on your company and questions asked AskJack recommends documentation and provides templates to get started (coming soon).
AskJack in Slack

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