AskJackby Interweave

End the dreaded question, "Does anyone know...?"

Connect your data sources. Get answers instantly.

Join the early-access waitlist before February 29th and you'll receive a discount on your first year of service. Or don't, it's your money.

Why AskJack?

Reduce Knowledge Silos

AskJack combats the issue of triable knowledge by making information accessible. By democratizing knowledge, AskJack breaks down silos within your organization.

Improve Productivity and Collaboration

Work happens in Slack. AskJack facilitates quick, context-sensitive information retrieval withing team conversations. No more waiting for a coworkers to respond.

Accelerate Knowledge Enablement

Streamline organizational knowledge that's spread across multiple sources. AskJack provides a single source of truth for your team.

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AskJack is shipping this February. Waitlist customers will receive a discount on their first year of service.